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How to update Minecraft PE


This is the answer for your question: How to update minecraft pocket edition?

If you are using an android device, just read this article: Minecraft pocket edition apk free download
If you are using an iOS device, just read this article: How to get Minecraft Pocket Edition For Free

Connect to the Internet by selecting WiFi networks, wireless, and then enable Internet connectivity for devices.

Join in the application store and search Minecraft PE and then on it, the app has been installed and you choose to update Minecraft PE and get the new features from the game.

With the above information, you may have found yourself a game minecraft update. With a breakthrough and soared quickly to turn the player as well as download, the game makers will be very excited to upgrade the game and makes it much more interesting features on the game to help players get to main is an absolutely best way. Hope you can update the game and update effective game to experience good game, fun to play games and share them with friends many special features in the next version update.


  1. I got 0.17.0 OMG!!!!!!?

  2. were only on 0.15.0 build 2

  3. I have a 0.16.2 only ?

  4. I’m 0.15.0 and i have servers to play on ( alpha build 1)

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