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How to play Minecraft Pocket Edition

I don’t know how to really answer this or who I’m answering this to. But according to my Google Analysis, there are still people searching for how to play Minecraft PE. So I hope you find what you’re looking for in this post.


Get the game

MCPE is available on most Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. Depending on your morality and wallet fatness have you your own method of obtaining a copy. Deals and discounts on the game are all over the Internet so if you dig deep enough, you should be able to get the game for free or half off. Or you can just go straight away and obtain the game for the suggested price of 4.50 Pound or 6.99 USD on Google Play, Windows Store or App Store. Here in MCPEBox, we have a way to get Minecraft Pocket Edition for free that is completely legal and provides you with all the benefits of MCPE (one way or another).



Create a world

To create a world, go into the Game and click Play. Then press New in the top right corner of the screen. If you happen to know a nice seed, enter it. We here at MCPEBox does know about a few good seeds or two. Check them out right here. You can choose to leave that empty to spawn on a random spot in the world. There are 2 modes you can play:

  • Survival Mode is the standard game where you have to try and stay alive. Craft items, build house, eat, sleep, kill monsters, and try not to die.
  • Creative Mode is where you can create anything with unlimited amount of any blocks in Minecraft. Monsters will not attack you while you’re in Creative, and you can spawn them if you desire, and you can fly by double jump. You don’t have a health bar, hunger bar, or oxygen bar while in Creative so you almost won’t die. The only way to die is dig your way down under the world (breaking the bedrock).


Familiarize with the control

Move using the directions. Jump with the middle. Sneak with the far right button. Double jump to fly (while possible). Jump to fly higher, sneak to fly lower. Hold on any block to break it. Tap on mobs to attack them. These work the same way for any device.



After all, this is one of the main purposes of Minecraft, getting some mines and start crafting from them. You’ll need a crafting table to craft things, although with mods, there might be alternatives. Crafting tables are crafted with 4 wooden planks taken from trees and crafted into wooden planks. This is a good time to start learning some recipes from the Net.


Build your house

This is something you must do in your Minecraft day. Because as the night fall, mobs spawn and come to take your life. Don’t be picky or artistic about your first shelter. Build a simple house with a bed, a crafting table, and a furnace if you have the time. There are other ways to survive the first night like digging a hole on the ground or in the mountains and then cover it up. But you mostly still need a bed so that you could skip the night.


Craft a Furnace

You need to furnace to cook and smelt metals. Eating cooked food helps you regenerate faster and removes the chance of getting poisoned. To craft the Furnace, you’ll need 8 Cobblestone by mining with a Pickaxe. Only with a Pickaxe can you get Cobblestone from breaking Cobblestone Ores.



Once you’re prepared, you can start mining. And by prepared, I mean being at full health, and carrying at least one pickaxe (wood, stone, iron or diamond), loads of torches, a shovel, 2 buckets, at least 32 cobblestone, some food and a sword. To find whatever it is that you can mine, dig downwards. But make stairs as you dig and not just dig straight down.


Prepare for the night

There are some nights that you just can’t make it home because you’re so far off and mining is just too important. So you need to prepare yourself against the onslaught that is coming when the sun comes down. Monsters can’t climb so building a high platform with ladders is a good way to stay safe. Either case, prep yourself with a good sword and maybe bow and arrows. Wooden swords are not good swords. Creepers can explode when they are near by and destroy all your work so just keep that in mind.


That’s the basic to how to play MCPE. I hope this post was helpful to you. If not, here a video on how to play Minecraft Pocket Edition

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