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Horses – Coming to MCPE!

The MCPE community has long been asking for horses to be added into the game, and it’s finally going to happen. Horses are currently in development. And they should be coming to your game in the next update! It will also come with a spawn egg for horses, Just like in PC and Xbox One. Yes. No more mod, you can actually ride these creatures as a part of the game engine.

If you haven’t played horses mod, or haven’t played Minecraft on PC or Consoles, horses are an important part of Minecraft. I deem it even more so in Minecraft Pocket edition due to the moving mechanics of the mobile device.

As of right now, there aren’t any horses in the game of Minecraft, you can only get them by install a mod, which might not be fandy dandy with some people that doesn’t have the need or time to mod the game. So this edition has been a long time in the making, and it probably should have come sooner.

If you don’t take into account mods and the alikes, there are 5 types of horse in the official game of Minecraft:

  • Normal Horses
  • Mules
  • Donkeys
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Zombie Horses

One, some or all of these will be added into the game Minecraft PC 0.15.0 if all goes according to rumors and tweets. If not, they will be added in a later version.

Horses will be tamable, once you gain their trust, you may begin mounting and riding them. They are commonly found in Plains and Savannah Biomes. They serve as an effective form transportation. You might gain their love by feeding them lots and lots of Carrots. Saddle might be another new object to be added to the game.


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