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Hoppers in 0.14.0 Update

Hoppers are blocks that will soon be added in Update 0.14.0. They are used to catch items, or to transfer items into and out of containers such as Chests. Here what’s to expect from Hoppers in 0.14.0 Update.

Hoppers in 0.14.0 Update

How to craft a Hoppers

1 Chest + 5 Iron Ingots => 1 Hopper

What can we do with Hoppers in 0.14.0 Update?

Hoppers are mainly used as a way of moving items from one container to another, and catch any item entities that fall on it.

Hoppers interact in different ways with different containers:


The player can kill mobs on top of a Hopper and all the drops with fall into the Hopper.


Any Hopper above or next to a Chest will push an item from its own inventory into the Chest. If the Chest is above the Hopper, the item will drop from the chest into the Hopper.


A Hopper attached above a Furnace will drop the ingredient for the Furnace. A Hopper next to a Furnace drop fuel. A Hopper below a Furnace will collect the output.

Brewing Stands

A Hopper above a Brewing Stand will only fill the top ingredient slot and will only push potion ingredients into that slot. A Hopper to the side of a brewing stand will only push Water Bottles and potions into the bottom three bottle slots, and Hoppers below the stand will collect any resultant potions.


A Hopper above a Dispenser will fill it. The Hoppers below Dispensers will remove items from them.

Or you can drop something into the Hopper manually.

Interesting facts about Hoppers in 0.14.0 Update

  • Hoppers can be used for automation, or transporting items over long distances.
  • Hoppers cannot function if a Redstone power source (like a Redstone Torch) is placed adjacent to it.
  • Hoppers can pick up 64 items at a time however it can only transfer 1 at a time to another inventory.
  • A Hopper only has five inventory slots.
  • The containers where the hopper transfer the items depends on which blocks of the bottom half of the hopper connects.
  • Hoppers can transfer non-smeltable items/non-fuel items into the furnace.
  • A Hopper counted as a Container.

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