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Herobrine’s Chamber [Minigame] Map

Your task is overcoming different challenges to kill the Herobrine. The total stages in this game are 9, which include different difficulties. Some typical challenges could be listed here, including deadly fangs, lightning strikes, mob battles and Falling TNTs.

How does Herobrine’s Chamber [Minigame] Map work?

Founded by: noahcraftreal

List of Stages/Challenges

Check out the list of various challenges as below. Each of them guarantees to make you surprised a lot.

  • Zombies
  • Deadly fangs
  • Falling TNTs
  • TNT snake
  • Lightning strikes
  • Super fast husk
  • Falling anvils
  • Fireball rampage
  • The battle against Herobrine!

How to Install Herobrine’s Chamber [Minigame] Map

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