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Herobrine Gear Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Herobrine Gear Mod is about armor set and special idea in this mod is staff.This mod was created by UltraPeachMC.You will not be disappointed to experience this mod.

You will receive an armor set and a staff in the game.They will help you so much for surviving in this mod.This special thing in this mod is a staff.It looks like Herobrine character in Minecraft PE from appearance to feature.That is teleportation.With this staff, you will have three operations to use such as mobility, attack, and defense.And special armor set which added to the game.Like the other armor set, it will help you extra your strength and defensive capabilities.To craft this armor set, you need to Herobrine Ores.Have an only way to have it, that finds it on the world because spawn randomly in the world.

Herobrine Gear Mod
Herobrine Gear
Herobrine Gear Mod
Herobrine Gear

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes:

  • Herobrine Ingot (485)
  • Herobrine Chestplate (487) – 8 Herobrine ingots
  • Herobrine Leggings (488) – 7 Herobrine ingots
  • Herobrine Boots (489) – 4 Herobrine ingots
  • Herobrine’s Staff [Mobility] (490) – 6 iron ingots + 2 Herobrine ingots + 1 iron block
  • Herobrine’s Staff [Attack] (491)
  • Herobrine’s Staff [Defence] (492)
  • Herobrine Ore (148)

Author: UltraPeachMC


Herobrine Gear Mod

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