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Herobrine Boss PE Mod for Minecraft PE

You will find it challengeable to defeat the evil Herobrine because of its super power. As a result, remember to equip important gears before you start the battle. While slaying Herobrine, you can be easily turned into Herobrine if you get an armor set and a weapon released from Herobrine.

Founded by: TheEndOficcial

How does Herobrine Boss PE Mod work?

Your task is crafting a Herobrine Totem item. Tap it on the ground and you can set up the structure without any difficulty.

  • Nucleo (ID: 201) includes 1 nether quartz, 7 netherrack, and 1 diamond
  • Herobrine Totem (ID: 510) includes 4 nucleo and 1 diamond

After that, use a steel and flint to tap on the structure’s center. You will see Herobrine immediately.

Be careful. The Herobrine tends to attack you once it appears. Try to kill him 4 times and he will release a weapon and an armor set.

Put on this armor set and you can reach the powerful energy by turning into a Herobrine. All of these following items are released by the Herobrine.

  • Sabre (Sword) (ID: 1010)
  • Boss Helmet (ID: 1758) has 5 nucleos
  • Boss Leggings (ID: 1760) includes 7 nucleos
  • Boss Boots (ID: 1761) has 4 nucleos
  • Boss Chestplate (ID: 1769) comes with 8 nucleos


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