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Health/Damage/Identifier Reader (Script) ( Add-on

This addon is designed for version of Minecraft. Each mob has text indicators showing health and damage on its head. It is a new feature in the Bedrock Edition for Minecraft.

Founded by: Drag0nD

Credits: abc55

How to Play Health/Damage/Identifier Reader (Script) ( Add-on

An entity comes with different statistics such as name, attack damage, and health.

How to Install Health/Damage/Identifier Reader (Script) ( Add-on

You should download above version before playing this game. If you are playing this addon on Android, remember to make use of a BlockLauncher to solve this feature.

  • Download Behaviors .McPack
  • Use the pack for discovering a world
  • Activate “Experimental Gameplay” while accessing the world settings
  • Enjoy the world

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