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The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

This map tells you an interesting adventure in which you are lost in a mineshaft and try to escape. The map has an impressive combination of puzzle, adventure, and horror. Other noticeable features of the game include custom effects, jumpscares, and more. It may make you feel mining is a scary experience after playing this game.

Founded by: DarkPower202

What is The Story of This Map?

In this map, you can collect resources from a mineshaft. Go down to it and get what you want. However, the tunnel is suddenly destroyed, and you can’t escape from the mineshaft. This is because the tunnel is affected by died miners in 1978. Your task is trying to escape from the tunnel.


  • The Gamemode is set as Adventure
  • Activated World cheats
  • Avoid breaking blocks
  • Try to survive for all reasons

Known Bugs

  • When you import the game, you may see some signs disappear
  • You may have to deal with lag when using repetitive command block scripts
  • The player who runs behind will die or be stuck in the lava

How to Install The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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