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How to install mods on Minecraft PE for iOS

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Install Minecraft PE Mods for iOS devices is not easy. Mainly because Apple are very strict about third party stuff roaming around in their system. That being said, there are still ways for you to install Minecraft PE Mods for iOS.

First of all, if want to tweak any iOS device, you need to Jailbreak it, which is kind of difficult in today’s meta. If you have the latest firmware of iOS, then there’s pretty much nothing you can do. So the lesson here is do not upgrade unless you absolutely have to for a particularly good reason. Or downgrade your phone if you have already made the mistake.

If your phone is Jailbroken, download and install the iFile app. It’s free. Do that and leave that for later.
Make sure your device is not running Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The next thing you will need is the ModLoader. You can’t really find this on the App Store, so click this link here to download ModLoader for iOS. You will need Cydia (by that I mean Jailbreak your device) to install this. Oh, obviously you want to download the file using your iOS device. After the down is complete, click on “Open in iFile”.

Select the file that you just downloaded and click Installer. And after a few seconds, it should pop up completed.

So after you have installed the ModLoader, you can install some mods. In we do have a few of those, so go check them out. The process of installation is the same as installing ModLoader, scroll up in case you forgot.

And that is it. You’re done. Go in the game and enjoy modding Minecraft Pocket Edition.



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