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How to make a Minecraft PE Server

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Minecraft has become one of the most interesting entertainment games for players so far since it helps to develop creativity. In the PC version, the feature of multi-players connectivity allows the player to get support from others, which makes this game more attractive. How about Minecraft PE version? Here’s how to make a server in Minecraft PE.

Step 1

The first step on how to make a MCPE server is to access the website “” and click “Get started” to download the server software. PocketMine runs on Windows, Android, IOS…With instructions from us, it is easy to set up.

Step 2

You will be taken through a setup wizard for your first PocketMine World after it has been installed. The next step on how to make a server in minecraft pe is to choose the default values for most things but set the name of your world, the number of players you would like to connect and the username of the server Op- the user who is let issue commands to change the world in game. Your player name in Minecraft PE can be changed in the settings. By default, everyone if called “Steve” so pick something unique and make yourself the Op.

Step 3

A text file called “server properties” stores all of the settings. You can edit in Notepad. Everything quite self-explanatory but there is a full breakdown here.

Noticing that PocketMine isn’t complete yet. One feature that is missing at the moment is any AI for the Mobs (monsters) in Survival Mode but Creative Mode works fine and you can enhance the game with various plugins that can add features and more.

As well as playing on your home wi-fi, it is possible to allow people to play over the internet by doing something called Port Forwarding. This lets selected data in through your home firewall and does take some setting up.

And that’s how to make a Minecraft PE server


  1. I’ve totally forgot how much I used to love playing this. This has kind of inspired me to get back on it. Server’s are much better than they once were! Has anyone tried this on HTC m9?


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