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How to get mods on Minecraft PE on Android device

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Mods are essential for games in general, and Minecraft in this case. A game without mods is like burger made up of only the buns. It might still be good if the bread is hot and sweet enough, but I just won’t pay for it. Mods are what I play Minecraft for. Here’s how to get mods on Minecraft PE device.

1. Download and install BlockLauncher.

BlockLauncher is a free app that manages mod files for Minecraft PE. It is one of the most reliable ways to install mods onto Minecraft PE. Another possible launcher app is PocketTool, which works the same way.

  • You can find BlockLauncher on Google Play.
  • BlockLauncher only works with Minecraft PE from Google Play.
  • Note that BlockLauncher will not work with devices that run the Intel Atom chip. This mainly applies to some Asus and Vexia devices. Here‘s the full list of Android devices that run Intel chips.

2. How to get mods for Minecraft PE?

Here in, we have plenty of those laying around. In every one of our posts, there are always working download links for the mods. Mods are usually .js files and textures are .zip.

  • These mods only work with MCPE in Android devices running the corresponding game version.
  • Using mods for PC or console is absolutely out of the question.

3. Download the necessary files.


Tap on the link and start the download (may contain ads). These files are relatively small. It should only take a few seconds, even on 3G connections.

4. Use BlockLauncher to load the texture file.

Some mods come with their own texture pack to work. If so, load the textures first.

  • Start BlockLauncher. This will serves as an alternative client for Minecraft PE, which will take you into the game.
  • Tap the BlockLauncher settings button at the top of the screen.
  • Choose Launcher Options (requires restart).
  • Select Texture Pack and tap Select.
  • Open the Download folder and select the downloaded .zip file.

5. Use BlockLauncher to load the mod file.

You have to install the texture before the mod.

  • Again, enter BlockLauncher settings.
  • Select “Manage ModPE Scripts”.
  • Hit “Import” and choose “Local storage”.
  • Open your Downloads folder and pick the downloaded .js file.

6. Enable the mods.


While playing, you can disable and enable mods using the BlockLauncher Settings menu. Tap on the mod you want to toggle and then select Disable or Enable.

Here’s a video on how to get mods in Minecraft PE.


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