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How to eat food in Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE or Minecraft Pocket Edition is the Minecraft version for mobile, on both iOS and Android devices. Players may wonder how to eat in Minecraft PE, because it’s different from eating in other Minecraft versions. Of course, you won’t see hunger meter in the game, but food is essential for players’ health as you can imagine how it works. With three simple steps below, you can finish the necessary work and restore health.

How to eat food in Minecraft PE
How to eat food in Minecraft PE
How to eat food in Minecraft PE

Part 1: Get food in Minecraft PE

First of all, getting food is obviously your first step here. For sure, you should notice to gather the right sources of food including in: meat (from pig, chicken and cow), fruits (like apples) and root crops (of potato and carrots) in Minecraft PE. Then, you must know how to obtain meat here. With the support of weapons or your barehanded, it’s possible to hunt the animals above, but it must probably take long to kill them. For apples, you must use an axe on leaves of the trees after cut down them. In particular, in case you’re going to farm, cutting grasses around to collect seeds for planting wheat, which you can use to bake bread. Before seeding, you need to plow the ground using a hoe, water and make sure to remain the suitable soil moist.

How to eat food in Minecraft PE

Part 2: Cook food in Minecraft PE

Cooking food is the second step, which is more complicated for you, but fruits can’t be cooked. Of course, you can eat right away raw meat, but that just gives 3 health. Besides, you will have a highly chance to be poisoned by raw food, especially raw chicken. Thus, the best way is cooking by your furnace to gain much more regeneration too. To make a furnace, please to open the crafting box, and then fill the outer border in total with Cobblestone. The second step is to place your furnace on ground by tapping to open your furnace window. The final step is that you put that raw meat on an upper slot, then add sources of coal or any wood at the bottom of the box.

Part 3: Eat food in Minecraft PE

How to eat in Minecraft PE

Lastly, you finally can eat food. But you should keep in mind that you only can eat food when you’ve been hurt. Please to watch the health before eating. Also, it’s necessary to bring much food for your long hunt as well as your long journey. You must add food to the hot bar menu in order to select it during running. Otherwise, the food can’t be edible. You aren’t able to eat it directly from your inventory, neither. Whenever you need to eat food, just tap on your hot bar to select food and hold until the character totally finished eating, then you could release your fingers.



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