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Minecraft PE seed : griefer4ever – 70+ Gold Ores

“Easy to get rich very quick”. That is totally we can talk about this seed because in this seed you can find more than 70 gold ores in the mines in the deep of the mesa biome. Doesn’t make you waiting anymore. I will give you the guild to the mines. From the spawn on the little hill, just walk straight ahead until you get to the a small village, before leave there don’t forget check the blacksmith in the center of the village to get the stuff in the chest. On the right of the village is mesa biome, toward to the mesa biome and follow the arrow on the picture below and you will find the mines. I don’t determine the exact location of each gold ores, but I am sure after 5-10 minutes looking you will find more than 50+ gold ores. To find 20 more you need looking carefully.


The village
Follow the arrow


Gold Mines
Seeds : griefer4ever Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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