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GreenDays Texture Pack [16×16] for Minecraft PE

With the cool design, GreenDays Texture Pack [16×16] offers some improvements for many blocks and items. Besides, its graphical user interface can get the attractive color for a lively appearance. In addition to the green, the pack also comes with other options for you to choose from. Explore a scheme color of this pack now.

Founded by: SiulRP

Because GreenDays pack belongs to a PvP pack, it creates a big change in PvP action, including fire, weapons, and armors.

Enjoy the fire animation just by clicking the following image.

The green armor replaces the diamond armor in an effective way. The reason is that this pack is a perfect solution for those who are big fans of green color.

Pay attention to the whole GUI. It is totally green.

How to Install GreenDays Texture Pack [16×16]

Follow our steps below to discover the full version of this pack.

  1. Download Texture .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate pack

In case you find it hard to activate the pack, restart Minecraft PE.

Feel free to get a .ZIP for this texture pack here.

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