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GravityGun Mod (Android)

You are using Android devices and don’t know how to make your game more interesting. Then, let’s try GravityGun Mod. It adds a Gravity Gun to your game and allows you to lift different items without any difficulty. Then, shooting these items is possible.
Founded by: Mhafy.1016

How to Play GravityGun Mod

First of all, type these commands to hold the Gravity Gun.
• /GravityGun get: It allows you to add the gun to the inventory
• /GravityGun setDistance [x]: It sets the hold distance that the gun needs
• /GravityGun setPower [x]: It sets the launch distance that the gun needs
Firstly, decide the mob that needs lifting. After that, you can launch the mob by tapping on it. Change the hotbar slot to get the entity.

One fact is that the Gravity Gun performs greatly on different entities such as boats.

How to Set Up GravityGun Mod

Download .MODPKG
• Access BlockLauncher
• Start BlockLauncher again and access in-game and let’s play!

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