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Minecraft PE seed :Good Game Dolphins – Cool Stronghold

The first things you will see is ocean, then the first thing in your head is “the type of this seed must be survival island type” but actually not. Because in this seed have lots of resources and a village, that is best shelter in the first night. From the spawn, just go straight ahead about 50 blocks you will see the village, but in there doesn’t have blacksmith. But also remember the spawn because to traverse all place in this village you must come back here.
The village close the spawn


Head to the village, toward to the ocean and finding the blocks look like the images below. It has been marked by the red arrown. Dig straght down there and you will fall down to the dungeon.


The first thing you meet in the dungeon is a spider spawner. Then careful.


But you also got a lots of good items inside the chest that is: 9 iron ingots.


Get back to the village and ready to explore the stronghold. Destroy the blocks look like the images above then start digging down after awhile you will fall down to the stronghold. The first thing you see in the stronghold is a chest with following items: two emeralds, an iron sword and some ink sacs.

Stronghold7 Stronghold8

Get out the stronghold, and return to the village. Let’s explore the second stronghold. This stronghold in the depths of the sea. Then before finding this stronghold you need prepare some glowstone to light up the dark depths water. Follow the arrow in the images above. Once you entry into under water place some glowstone to light up and find the right path in the depths sea. Finally you will find the portal room after the iron bars.


Back to the village and follow the arrow direction and after a while you com to savannah biome. In there have a sand village

Sand village

In the sand village you got an chest contain the following items: 6 emeralds and some apples and ink sacs.


Seeds : Good Game Dolphins Work in PE ver0.10.0+

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