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Golem World PE Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

The golems in this mod are similar to wolves in Minecraft. With 56 golems, they help protect you in an effective way. These golems come with the powerful strength to prevent you from danger in your adventure. The way we summon new golems looks like spawning an iron golem. However, you need to use a variety of blocks for building the structure.

Founded by: RedstoneGunMade, wartave

How to Play Golem World PE Mod

Two common ways to spawn the golems include summoning the golems or using the Not Enough Items mod. It means you can collect the golems or make use of the spawn eggs.

Method to build the structure

Feel wonderful to summon 13 types of golems. They could be listed here, including Diamond, Redstone, iron, dirt, emerald, ice, sand, TNT,  gold, obsidian, glass, stone, and lapis lazuli.

Method to summon a golem

Before starting to summon a golem, you need to prepare a Paper of Awakening. All you need to do is tapping on the head of the golem and waiting until it appears in front of you.

Compared to wolves, the mobs are useful in helping you defeat other harmful mobs.

List of Crafting Recipes and Item IDs

Check the IDs of golems as below.

  • Paper of Awakening (519) includes 4 glowstone dust, 4 redstones, and 1 paper
  • Redstone Golem (egg) (520)
  • Diamond Golem (521)
  • Obsidian Golem (522)
  • TNT Golem (523)
  • Iron Golem (524)
  • Earth Golem (525)
  • Emerald Golem (526)
  • Gold Golem (527)
  • Lapis Golem (528)
  • Stone Golem (529)
  • Ice Golem (530)
  • Sand Golem (531)
  • Glass Golem (532)
  • Brown Mushroom Golem
  • Red Mushroom Golem
  • Lantern Golem
  • End Golem
  • Prismarine Golem
  • Slime Golem
  • Golem Wood
  • Wool Golem (with 14 colors)
  • Terracotta Golem

Notice: You must use the Latest BlockLauncher beta to enable the game.

How to Install Golem World PE Mod

Remember to use BlockLauncher 1.16.1 or a newer version to download this game.

Golems PE .modpkg

Golems PE .modpkg

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