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Gold Rush [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Discover the great mines with a huge source of ores in Gold Rush [Minigame] Map. After getting ores, you should try to smelt them and pick them from the chests. You can find out many valuable items there such as emeralds, diamonds, gold, and even real gold rush. Try to complete your task because you have only 5 minutes to touch the treasure.

Founded by: Fizzman797

How does Gold Rush [Minigame] Map work?

Firstly, press the button, and you will receive a silk touch pickaxe. Continue to press another button, and it will lead you to the mines. Your task is mining the source to get diamonds, emeralds, and gold ores. There are only 5 minutes for you to prove your strength.

Don’t miss minecarts passing by you because they bring the luck to you.

Besides mining, you must use a furnace to smelt the ores. Each player has one furnace. Then, avoid stealing ores from other players.

To get the game points, you need to put the smelted ores in the chest.

Save your time because 5 minutes pass quickly. When the time ends, players will be moved to a place with many ender chests. After entering the chest, you can calculate your points.

  • 1 point is parallel Gold Ingot
  • 2 Points are parallel Emerald
  • 3 Points are parallel diamond

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How to Install Gold Rush [Minigame] Map

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