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Gold Mines Adventure Seed for Minecraft PE

The jungle is the place where you spawn. A big plus of this seed is that it is located next to your spawning place. All you need to do is walking straightly for a while, turning diagonally on your right and overcoming a river. Take advantage of the food resource such as melons and cocoa beans. They are available to the left of the river.

Pass the river to get 7 melons.

After picking the melons, walk straightly, and you no longer see a mesa biome.

Once you move a bit to the left of the river, you can see a huge source of food like sugar canes.

Walk along the river, and it offers you many mesa gold mines in the mesa biome.

It is obvious that this seed is an ideal option for a long adventure thanks to an abundant resource of gold, gold mines, and food.

Seed: 1405119578

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