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God Swords Tools Mod for Minecraft PE

God Swords Tools Mod is a great mod which  is about swords in Minecraft PE.It was created by GoldenSteveYT.This mod adds many new swords to the game.They were called God Swords.Such as Excalibur Sword, Shadow Sword, Thunder Sword, God Sword.All new items which you want to have only been by crafting them.To make interesting use this mod, you’ll need to explore the crafting recipes, I surely that you will need a lot of gold, diamonds and obsidian.I will provide you some features of new swords.

  • Excalibur – When Touch the Ground, Explodes.
  • Shadow Sword – When Touch The Ground, Converts Day to Night in a Special Way.
  • Thunder Sword – Powerful Sword, not much interesting but beautiful.
  • God Sword – High Damage, When Touch The Ground Generates Thunders.
  • Chicken God Stick – Spawns Chickens, but they get suffocated To Get The Food.
God Swords Tools
God Swords Tools



God Swords Tools Mod

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