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GCS Snipers Vs Thieves [PvP] [Minigame] Map

This game tells you a story about the battle between the thieves and the snipers. There are many actions in the game. You will play the role as the thieves or the snipers.
Founded by: GCS Team

How does GCS Snipers Vs Thieves [PvP] [Minigame] Map work?

After robbing the bank, the thieves have to put the melted gold to their truck as quick as possible. There is a timer to show you when to take the gold properly. The thieves must be careful because they will be attacked by the snipers.
Snipers: Try to kill the thieves when standing in an old building. Their weapon is the Sniper Rifle.
Thieves: Attack the bank and get 3 gold stacks. Put them in the truck and run away.
Maps & Modes: 3 Modes and 1 Map


• No cheating or making any change in game modes.
• The place where the snipers stay is their house

How to Install GCS Snipers Vs Thieves [PvP] [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP
Download via the Website of Keyyard