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GCS King Of The Hill [PvP] [Minigame] Map

You will need a minimum of 2 players to participate in this map. Your target is trying to reach and capture the center point within 60 seconds. However, you will have to overcome all the difficulties from your enemies when playing the map. If you are looking for a great game for LAN parties with a smaller range, you should pay attention to this game.
Founded by: WindLightRealms, ArticNightWolf1, TitanPlayz269, THKilled0, MadHuskey646, Alexisr1990


Notes of The Creator

• Contact me if you have any problem related to the map
• If you are unclear about the game, you should check out the Yellow Glass

How to Set Up GCS King Of The Hill [PvP] [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld

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