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Function File For Command (1.8+ Only)

This command combines well with different function files, which makes Minecraft 1.8 beta more interesting. It is advisable for you to download a behavior pack before playing this game.

Founded by: Vechrozilator

How to Play Function File For Command (1.8+ Only)

There is a variety of commands for you to apply in this game. For instance:

  • /function tools: It equips different diamond tools
  • /function invulnerable: Its function is making you invulnerable
  • /function strike: It attacks all items that are 20 blocks far away from you
  • /function clear: Remove the effects and inventory of players and weather
  • /function overpowered: You will become powerful thanks to different effects
  • /function kit: It offers a chest equipping various items

How to Install Function File For Command (1.8+ Only)

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