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Minecraft PE seed : Freddy Fazbear – Four Villages

In case of this seed, we going to find four villages but you can considered that is three villages because two of them very close with the other like a double village. From the spawn turn left then follow that direction until you see the first village. In the first village have a blacksmith with a chest contain one loaf of bread, one iron pickaxe and an iron chestplate. Crossing to first village you will see second village and third village you can considered two village and third village is a double village with a blacksmith with following items one iron leggings, two iron ingots, two ink sacks, some obsidian and a sapling. After few minutes looking near double village you will see fourth village in a flat biome. In fourth village doesn’t have any blacksmith but in here have some farms produced food you can use them.





Seeds : Freddy Fazbear Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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