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Fractured World [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE

This map happens in World 013, which is destroyed with a small rate of surviving left. Your mission in the game is discovering the islands and killing the bosses. So, try to get out of this terrible world.

Founded by: CookieModder, MegaStriker, Wartave


You are Larry, who was moved to World 013 due to the bad behavior. This is a primitive and hostile world that requires you to escape immediately.


Start exploring 4 islands, including Sky Desert, Ice Isle, Lava Island, and Mushroom Field. Then, attempt to kill the bosses on these islands.

Main Rules

  • Avoid Cheating
  • Avoid changing the time
  • Avoid coming to the Nether
  • Avoid using mods
  • Avoid changing the game mode’s difficulty

How to Install Fractured World [Adventure] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .McTemplate

Download .ZIP

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