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Four Villages Near Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Finding a village is easier than ever before with this seed. As its name, Four Villages Near Spawn Seed offers up to 4 villages, blacksmiths, and valuable items. Your task is entering the chest and finding out what you want. It brings ultimate benefits for your next adventure with necessary foods, tools, and other important items.

Created by: Master9k

Turn left and walk straightly. You have a chance to see a cluster of 3 villages there.

Two of them have a blacksmith. You are lucky to have a good opportunity to meet many villagers here. They stand behind the blacksmith.

You should run quickly to the blacksmith and enter his chest. There is a variety of important items you can find out here, including 1 apple, 4 saplings, and 4 obsidian blocks.

Come to the third village, you may see the second blacksmith.

Compared to the first chest, the second one is greater. It has 1 iron sword, 3 saplings, 1 gold ingot, 3 apples, and 5 iron ingots.

Try to across a river next to the third village. It’s time for you to see a fourth village. Don’t make the small size of this village fool you. It is situated partially on the water without any blacksmith. This feature makes the fourth village outstanding from other villages.

Seed: 1831368756

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