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Four Villages & A Dungeon Seed for Minecraft PE

The place where you spawn is a small mountain. It is easy to recognize 4 villages here, in which 3 villages are normal and the rest one has been known as a sand village.

What are the features of the sand village? It comes with small size and lacks blacksmith. Situated on a coast, the village looks cool with the appearance of a nice bridge.

Talking about 3 common villages, they are next to each other and have the blacksmith and well.

Pay attention to this special structure. The blacksmith is next to the farm.

Come to the dungeon by crossing the deserted area. Decide this area with the red mark in the tunnel and the hole.

After coming down the tunnel, you can find a mob spawner and the dungeon. Don’t worry if the dungeon doesn’t appear in this step.

Seed: 1411238030

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