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Fortnite Battle Bus Add-on

Your task is removing the Battle Bus from blocks. In this game, a ghast will turn into a flying 10-seat Battle Bus. You can use this addon in Fortnite map. Remember to contact Cleverlike if you have any change in the game.
Founded by: Cleverlike

How to Play Fortnite Battle Bus Add-on

As the replacement of a 10-seat Battle Bus, the Ghast is a great tool for your game. Crediting to the Cleverlike is an important requirement.

Check out the demo map to understand more about the addon.
There is a bat that is chased by the ghast. It looks like a small dot that can move. A command block should be used to make the bat fly above the bus.

How to Install Fortnite Battle Bus Add-on

Download Resources .McPack
Download Behaviors .McPack
Enable the game for discovering a world in-game