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FNAF Pets Addon for Minecraft PE

FNAF Addon stands for Five Night at Freddy. You will find it unchallengeable to tame them or defeat the Ennard animatronic boss. Keep in mind that the animatronics are the great companion with the ability to protect you.

Founded by: Cheete

How to Play FNAF Pets Addon

As a replacement of the villagers, the animatronics spawn in villages. With the neutral characteristic, they tend to attack someone who attacks them first.

Feel free to select one of 5 available resource packs. Decide the best one for your demand and start downloading.

  • Ennard (It has been known as Boss with the replacement of the enderman)
  • FNaF Friend Resource Pack includes:


Freddy Fazbear



Golden Freddy

  • FNaF 2 Resource Pack includes:


Toy Bonnie

Toy Freddy

Toy Chica

  • FNaF 3 Resource Pack includes:




Phantom Freddy


  • FNaF Sister Location Resource Pack includes:


Funtime Freddy



  • FNaC Resource Pack includes:


Withered Penguin




Taming an animatronic is possible by giving it pizza slices or iron ingots. It is obvious that a tamed animatronic plays an important role in following and protecting the owners from hostile mobs.

Be gentle when giving an animatronic iron ingots, which contribute significantly in healing it.

Talking about Ennard, it is a boss and also the replacement of the enderman. Ennard has been known as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy. It has 50 hearts in health and 50 attack damages.

Demo video


Main changelog

  • Has the improvement for 1.0.5+
  • Equip FNAF 4 Resource Pack
  • Additional structures for weapons, pumpkin mark, armor, and items

How to install FNAF Pets Addon

Keep in mind that FNAF Pets Addon will only work when you activate both the behavior pack and a resource back.

  1. Choose one of the following packs to download:

FNaC Resource Pack .McPack

FNaF 2 Resource Pack .McPack

FNaF 3 Resource Pack .McPack

FNAF 4 Resource Pack .McPack

FNaF Friend Resource Pack .McPack

FNaF Sister Location Resource Pack .McPack

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Apply packs in-game

For downloading  a .ZIP file, please click here.

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