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The Floor Kills [Minigame] [Parkour] Map for Minecraft PE

This map requires multiplayer to start the race. You have to overcome an obstacle course with the support of useful blocks. Try to avoid falling down the floor because it can make you die or requires a start over.

Founded by: Mauwee

How does The Floor Kills [Minigame] [Parkour] Map work?

After all, players are ready; you could start playing the game by pressing the button designed at the lobby. Once players are ready to stay in a glass cage, the initiation of a countdown will begin.

Wait until the cage opens. Now you can jump or run immediately. Avoid falling the floor, or you can die.

Each block has the special effect of boosting your strength:

  • Enhance Jump = Press Green Block
  • Enhance Speed = Press Blue block
  • Checkpoint=Press Yellow block
  • Slowness=Press Light blue block
  • Invisibility= Press Dark Blue block
  • Blindness= Press Black block

When coming close to the parkour course’s end, you can determine the first place by pressing the button.


  • There are maximum of 5 players in this game
  • You can play alone or opposite other players


  • Faster timer
  • Fixed bug
  • Coming back to the lobby at the final course is possible

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP


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