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Flood Escape: Noah’s Lab [Minigame] [Parkour] Map

What are your objectives on this map? You have to climb each floor’s top, overcome different parkour challenges and deal with puzzles. The final purpose is avoiding the flood. Try your best to complete all challenging tasks.

Founded by: McMCPE1234

How does Flood Escape: Noah’s Lab [Minigame] [Parkour] Map work?

Firstly, avoid the collision with the floor because it will require you to start over the game. Two levels of the map include Noah’s Lab and Factory. The first level includes 3 floors of puzzles and parkour, which allow you to overcome the water flood.

  • Emerald Blocks: A gate is locked on an exit door. Open it.
  • Lapis Blocks: By placing a block, you can advance through the floor.

Be careful with the level of water because it rises constantly.

How to Install Flood Escape: Noah’s Lab [Minigame] [Parkour] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP