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Floating Igloo & Snow Village Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed (Floating Igloo & Snow Village for MCPE) features an unidentified flying object but it’s most likely just an igloo so don’t get your hopes up about aliens in Minecraft just yet. It takes quite a bit of walking to get there but it’s really worth it. And especially so because I will also show you how to get to a village nearby and loot it for some valuable and useful items.

Found by: coolskeleton95

Floating Igloo & Snow Village for Minecraft PE

The spawn is in underground down in a cave. Find a way up to the surface and then head north-east. (Clouds drift north.)

If you are playing in survival mode then it will take probably a couple of minutes to get there. However, if you are flying in creative mode it shouldn’t take longer than 15 seconds.

There is no hidden room in here so that’s quite a disappointment. But it’s still a very rare seed seeing as it’s the first time I come across a floating igloo in Minecraft PE.

Once you’ve explored the igloo then it’s time to head east and find the village.

There village includes on blacksmith which has a blacksmith and a chest containing the following items.

  • 2 gold ingots
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 1 iron sword
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 3 apples

Seed: 2078483587

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