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Five Elytra Challenges [Minigame] (0.17.0 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, you have a chance to wear your wings to deal with many upcoming challenges. You can start the game from the easy to the difficult levels. It belongs to the longest Pocket Edition elytra maps. It takes you about 10 minutes to play the game.

Founded by: FH_Miner

How does Five Elytra Challenges [Minigame] (0.17.0 Only!) Map work?

You can turn daytime to nighttime by setting the time at night. Type /set time night and complete this step. Feel free to step into the air. Then, choose the jump button to enable the wings and glide. Try to overcome all obstacles as well as 5 levels.

After finishing a level, you should type /spawnpoint. This helps make a checkpoint. To the contrast, if you fail, type /kill and begin the game again. Stop the rain by typing /toggledownfall.

Main Rules

  • Avoid breaking blocks
  • Set peaceful level
  • Choose survival mode
  • Set night-time

How to Install Five Elytra Challenges [Minigame] (0.17.0 Only!) Map

You need to activate the beta version 0.17.0 to play this map.

  1. Download Map .McWorld
  2. If you use iOS / Windows 10, you should download the map automatically. If you use Android: Use ES File Explorer to load the file.
  3. Download a .ZIP file

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