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Firework Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

I will introduce you a mod which is the best mod which is about Firework in Minecraft PE.That is Firework Mod.It is so fantastic.

This mod was made by MxGoldo.This mod adds many new items to the game.All of them also is about fireworks.Such as Rocket (special ball), Fountain (triple).It uses grain as cool torch fiery images and introduce some different types of fireworks based on what you want to experience.With some paper, gunpowder, flint & steel and redstone dust, you can craft many types of fireworks.If you want to put a lot of fireworks after the other and then you’ll need a block called Firework Launcher.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Firework Launcher, ID: 94 – 7 Gunpowders + 1 Flint & Steel + 1 Redstone Dust
  • Fountain (small), ID: 445
  • Fountain (big), ID: 446
  • Fountain (triple), ID: 447
  • Fireball, ID: 448
  • Rocket (trail), ID: 449
  • Rocket (ball), ID: 450
  • Rocket (special ball), ID: 451
  • Rocket (circle), ID: 452
  • Rocket (stripe), ID: 453
  • Rocket (wheel), ID: 454
  • Rocket (tall grass), ID: 455


  • /stopfirework – if Minecraft starts to lag use this command to disrupt all fireworks



Firework Mod

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