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Find Diamond, Gold & Iron Ores Quickly Seed for Minecraft PE

Setting up a survival world is never an easy task but it plays an important role in offering the basic materials for your tools. Explore this seed. There is a huge source of necessary ores for you to enjoy.

The location for you to spawn is in a flat biome and close to a river. You can decide your spawning place and the directions to go by creating a small marker.

Go straight and you will see a blacksmith of the village. His chest contains many valuable items such as 1 iron helmet, 1 iron ingot, 3 apples, and 5 ink sacks.

Then, enter the chest and dig it.

After a short time of digging, you will stand in a cave. Continue the progress and when you hit a jackpot, it means you are close to the success.

  • 4 iron ores
  • 4-6 coal ores
  • 2 redstone ores
  • 7 diamond ores

It’s time for you to turn back to the spawning place and the previous marker. Turn left, you will see a bryce biome.

Come across the bryce biome. You have a good chance to see a river. There is a small mine in front of you. Turn right for a while and go along the river.

The mine is here. There is an abundant source of gold ores and different ways to get gold. However, not all of them are in survival mode. Some of them lead to the death.

Pay attention to the following video. It describes how the seed works in a comprehensive way.

Seed: -645243394

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