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The Farlanders Add-on for Minecraft PE

The Farlander species will replace some mobs of Minecraft effectively. The place where these mobs live has disappeared for a long time. Therefore, they are attempting to find another good space to live. Finally, they found the Overworld, where happens the meeting between you and them.

This game gets the inspiration from a well-known mod- The Farlanders Mod. At present, it comes with all features of mobs. However, hope that new features of the addon will be added in the future.

Founded by: Fabiulu

Ported by: TheEnderface

List of Mobs

The similarity of these mobs is that they could teleport like an Enderman and scare of water.

Farlanders (They are the replacement of the villagers): You can find them in the village and its surrounded areas. Use rubies or other valuable things to trade with them.

Ender Golem (It is the replacement of iron golem): It is very useful in protecting Farlanders from aggressive mobs. In addition to big villages, you can make use of the spawn eggs or set up a structure of an iron golem to spawn the Golem.

Rebel Farlander (It is the replacement of the creeper): Be careful with this mob because it can attack players and Farlanders. In addition to a wooden sword, it also has a poisonous attack.

Ender Minion (It is the replacement of cave spider): Give it apples, and you can tame it easily. A tamed ender minion will protect you from hostile mobs.

Mystic Enderman (It has been known as a witch): It uses one leg to move and looks like an enderman. It attacks players by causing a blindness.

Ender Guardian (It has been known as the Wither Skeleton): Although Ender Guardian is small, it is useful in protecting players by using the arrow and a bow.


  • Ruby is the replacement of Emerald
  • Mystic Wand is the replacement of Chorus Fruit

How to Install The Farlanders Add-on

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Enable the packs for discovering a world in-game

.McAddon, .ZIP

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