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Fancy Invaders [PvP] [Parkour] Map For Minecraft PE

Fancy Invaders [PvP] [Parkour] Map is a small map can be played with 4 players. Each player starts on a piece of diamond. It works much similar to hunger games but the size is much maps smaller.

On it is the most beautiful at night, a floating island in the sky full of twinkling stars. Start counting down from five, and once the match starts for goal of everyone should be to run towards the center of the arena to open and get what’s in the closet.
The next goal is to kill all everyone else in the map. There are three ghasts imprisoned in the map that can be broken by breaking loose clay around them. To achieve them, you can use wood found in the closet to build a structure to get them. The men and women last stand as the winner.


  • Before entering the world set the difficulty to max otherwise the ghasts won’t spawn!
  • No teaming
  • Only allowed to open 2 chests
  • Don’t run out of the arena area once you’ve entered it




Author: KarsTimesTen



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