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Fallout PE [Survival] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Fallout PE [Survival] Map is based on a popular game of the same name Fallout. Map is the face of a land 200 years following a nuclear war killed so many lives.

Environment destroyed heavily, no longer a creature that can survive and you abandoned here. Your mission is to survive the longest way, using all the ability to be able to survive to return to the family. There are many interesting places to explore, this map has not been completed but that the whole constitutes a wild and mysterious feeling makes your experience better.



Recommended Rules

  • Don’t climb unrealistically high mountains, basically just stay within realistic limits of the map.
  • It’s an open world environment but keep in mind that parts of the map aren’t finished yet, avoid such areas.
  • Set difficulty to max to experience a more lively world with monsters to fight and/or avoid during the night.

Author: Dmitri Shkarupa



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