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Fallout PE (Modded Map) [Survival] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

In Fallout PE (Modded Map) [Survival] Map, you will be experiencing nghiemk an extremely interesting map, where you will be provided with some mods to make some tasks easier. You will be amazed with the features of the mods, the more useful it also includes modern weapons. This is our second version for you after the first version (the version that was a lot of players to download). Have fun !




  1. Find your dog
  2. Find the secret control room in the tunnel (hints: cars, combination code hint: all down)
  3. Activate the main generator in the tunnel
  4. Take the base Raiders (vault 101)
  5. Find the Diary of a Hermit
  6. Retrieve the lava from the ancient sources
  7. Locate the crashed airplane and find out what caused the accident
  8. Find all three 3 Nuke-Kola boxes
  9. Find and open the black box in one of the airplanes
  10. Find the tail of the airplane
  11. Find the Plasma Gun (hint: southwest from spawn, sun moves from east to west)
  12. Find Vault 111
  13. Collect the power armor
  14. Find a portal and activate it
  15. Build a house or repair an old one
  16. Find all the secret areas and chests
  17. Create a farm farm, pig farm, cow farm and chicken farm

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