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F3 PE Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

F3 PE Mod is a simple and great mod which is about features in Minecraft PE.This is the best mod which is about debugging screen.It is a feature which belongs to MCPC.This mod provides you features which  can display the number of real-time statistics for your music player in the game will be updated immediately something changes in the game (such as coordinates or your biome).Once you’ve installed the mod will have a D (abbreviated debug) in the upper right area of the screen. Press the button to turn on (or off) the debug screen.


All features:

  • FPS: frames per second
  • C: rendered chunk sections over the total number of chunks
  • E: number of rendered entities compared over total entities
  • P: total particles on screen
  • MultiplayerChunkCache: most chunks loaded
  • XYZ: coordinates
  • Block: the coordinates of the block which you are standing on
  • Chunk: location of player within a chunk
  • Facing: facing direction can be north/west/east/south
  • Biome: current biome player is in
  • Light: lighting level
  • Local Difficulty: difficulty in the chunk you are in
  • Looking at: the coordinates which you are looking at
  • Minecraft: the block which you are long-tapping on
  • Damage: damage for that block

Author:MyNameIsAnti, peacestorm, Arthu25


F3 PE Mod


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