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EzCraft’s Zombie’s [Minigame] Map

For those who are looking for effective ways to improve the skills in a battle of Minecraft, this map is a good solution. There are 4 kits to help you complete the game. Try to kill the zombies to get the rotten flesh to access the shop.
Founded by: EzCraftMC

List of Credits

• SumisuBushido
• Whisker Mister
• HatterRBLX
• HarlemPlays
• JoeMCPE_
• T_Y_C_7
• Vladu11_YT
• JEBR_Gaming

Terms of The Map

Remember to agree on all rules of the creator before starting downloading the game. Besides, choose the official version of the map to download. Any illegal permission will be punished.

How to Install EzCraft’s Zombie’s [Minigame] Map

Download .McWorld