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Extra Doors Mod for Minecraft PE

Extra Doors Mod is a special mod.With this mod, you will have some new doors in your world which you can use to decorate your world.You use various kinds of materials that are already available in the game. Starting to choose between four types of wood to create wooden doors four different shades and different color characteristics: from light to dark.You can get it by using the mod Toolbox or inventory in creative mode.

Extra Doors
Extra Doors

Items IDs:

  • A door made of cobblestone (id – 427)
  • Diamond door (id – 428)
  • Glass door (id – 429)
  • The Golden door (id – 430)
  • The door of metal rods (id – 431)
  • The door from hell bricks (id 432)
  • The obsidian door (id – 433)
  • Quartz door (id – 434)
  • Sand the door (id – 435)
  • Sand the door (id – 436)
  • Stone door (id – 437)
  • The door of stone bricks (id – 438)
  • Door of cracked stone bricks (id – 439)

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