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Explosive Parkour [Parkour] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Explosive Parkour [Parkour] Map is a special map, some say it is an unusual map, like a crazy map.Why do I say so because instead of jumping from one block to another matter in this map you will explode mobs vines that will make you get shot in the air and hopefully land on the platform if your intended target right.
It’s definitely a difficult map that requires some time to get familiar before grasping the idea of how to put the vines so they send you where you want them.


  • Never break/place blocks
  • Water can only be placed at checkpoints
  • Always have difficulty set on hard
  • Don’t use any mods which might interfere with the map to your advantage/disadvantage

At spawn you will have able to collect steaks, bread and eggs from chest Spawner vines. Set on bread and eat a piece of meat after each jump. Use egg Spawner to put the vines, where you want it to explode.




Author: TrollofMCPE



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