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The Experiment 1 [Adventure] (1.0.5+ Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

This map is extremely interesting for all players to enjoy. Lasting about 20 minutes, the game requires you to prove yourself to escape from an evil scientist. There are many obstacles for you overcome. Therefore, escaping your captivity is never an easy task. Have great and continuous gameplay experience with the equipment of redstone and command blocks.

Founded by: HeroBGamingHQ

Content of the Experiment 1 [Adventure] (1.0.5+ Only!) Map

Discover the interesting story of this map. When it comes to enjoying this game, you will have a chance to become a 16-year-old character, whose name is Khirt. You are captured and experimented by an evil Scientist- Dr Hero Randomz. Your responsibility is escaping from the captivity.


Follow these rules below to reach your target.

  • Avoid breaking blocks
  • Try to survive
  • Select the difficulty at normal or hard level
  • Give your record to HeroBGamingHQ

Notice: You will need to use alpha version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition to activate this map. If you are Android users, feel free to sign up for the alpha here!

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP


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