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Exp Chest PE Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

If you want to succeed in exploring the Minecraft world, Exp Chest PE Mod (Android) is a great solution. This mod offers the excellent capability of storing your experience in experience chests. Therefore, it protects you from losing the valuable experience in your adventures. Discover amazing features of the mod as the followings.

Founded by: TaQultO_988

The best ways to keep and withdraw experience

Feel free to select your most suitable types of experience chests through 2 options, including normal and ender ones. In comparison with the normal experience chests, ender experience chests can store the important items of different chests. Ender chest is appropriate for storing more than one base or storing items with high mobility. However, a drawback of this chest is that it needs valuable things.

For example, the type of experience chest we choose here is Ender Exp Chest. Actually, you could choose one of the best chest types from two options above.

  • Normal Exp Chest (240) includes 1 chest, 2 gold ingots, and 4 obsidians
  • Ender Exp Chest (241) has 2 ender pearls, 1 chest, 2 diamonds, and obsidians

After placing the chest on the ground, you must open graphical user interface (GUI) by tapping on the experience chest. Decide the percentage of deposit you want to store by using the slider. In the following example, I select 100%. The Store button is responsible for keeping the experience, while the Withdraw button is used for retrieving it.

Once I select the Store button, the experience chest will open and store all of my experience.

It is easy for you to retrieve the experience by using the Withdraw button. You just have to use the slider and press the Withdraw button.

If you use Ender Exp Chest, placing down other chests on the ground becomes much easier than ever before. This is the reason why you can find out this chest in many positions of the ground.


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