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Evil Night Add-on for Minecraft PE

For those who are looking for a Halloween holiday, this add-on is an ideal option. With 12 mobs, it creates a scary atmosphere. Feel confident to start the game now.

Founded by: GentaMCPE

List of Scary Mobs

The game comes with hostile mobs, which have dangerous behaviors. Try to kill these mobs to get some candy.

  • The Killer: It is the replacement of zombie pigmen. He keeps an iron axe with the powerful strength.
  • The Mad Scientist: It is the replacement of skeletons. He can release big fireballs to attack the enemies.
  • The Mummy is the replacement of husks. He has evil red eyes with the similar look as bandages. Although he is powerful, he has low speed as well.
  • The Zombie always keeps a shovel. It waits until a zombie horse spawns to ride it.
  • The Witch wears a new suit, and he keeps a spider pet.
  • The Demon is the replacement of strays. He can produce fireballs.
  • The Cave Spiders have smaller size and realistic look.
  • The Creeper appears similar to a white ghost.

How to Install Evil Night Add-on

  1. Download resources .mcpack
  2. Download behaviors .mcpack
  3. Enjoy the packs for a world in-game!

Download the .ZIP file here.

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