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Escape Craft [Puzzle] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

In Escape Craft [Puzzle] Map, you are locked for years in a house with so much contempt horror spooky and strange. You find ways to escape from the house and you did it, you did break out of that house successful but the story has not ended.

You continue to flee to when danger no longer stalking you, from your work here really becomes difficult. You just run forever, run forever until you realize that far from home but you still feel behind you have a certain hazards. You decide to face it, not run away anymore, hence the continuing challenge is launched and your task is to pass all, kill all the monsters and find their way back to family after many years of separation, I believe you can do it, be confident in yourself and let’s face every challenge and not escape it, escape is not the best way. Good luck !



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