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Minecraft PE Seed: Episode 3 – Huge Mineshaft

This seed will spawns you at the above of two cave. Dig straight down from the spawn, after a while you will reach to the cave system. To find the first cave, searching all room in cave and you will soon find the connecting tunnels to the abandoned mineshaft.

Have an other cave, it can be found by continue digging in the abandoned mineshaft.


Totally you will find: over 2000 coal, 940 iron, 150 diamonds, 1300 red stone dust, 320 gold, infinite obsidian and (ironically), 0 emerald.


Moreover have some beautiful biomes around the spawn: Mega Taiga, Plain forest, And Mega Spruce Biome. A great seed, let’s check it out.



Seeds : Episode 3 Work in PE ver0.9.0+

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