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Minecraft PE Seed: epicnesss jebness – Great Jungle

Here is an nice jungle seed, jungle seed haven’t got any attention in the Minecraft PE player because in the jungle have only tree (maybe you can found an village but jungle village is very rarity). This seed different with the other, it got lots of interesting things. Now check it out.



First things you will see after spawn is an interesting lavapool, but the unlucky things is that lava-pool surrounding the watermelons. I think you should try to get all of watermelons to prepare to next adventure, also you can found some Cocoa Beans then the food for the next adventure isn’t a problem. Because the jungle have lots of dense tree, then easy to get lost in this jungle. Moreover you can find a floating island inside the jungle with some large mountains surrounding it!



Seeds : epicnesss jebness Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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